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Case Results

Embezzlement Case
Felony Charges Dismissed

My client was a project manager for a small shower and bath construction company. The company had fallen on bad times and decided to accuse my client of using his company credit card to purchase materials for jobs unrelated to the company. A judge heard the potential evidence at the preliminary hearing and dismissed both felony counts.

Failure to Register Case
Felony Charges Dismissed

My client had been convicted of a sex crime in another state. After serving 18 months in prison, he was released and moved to California. Upon arriving, he registered as a sex offender at his local law enforcement agency, like he was supposed to. Unfortunately, the agency failed to give my client the proper information for future registration. The agency then arrested him for failing to register on time. The Orange County DA’s office dismissed the case because of the law enforcement agency’s misconduct.  

DUI Drug Case
Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed

My client was followed for several blocks after leaving a smoke shop. The officer pulled my client over for not coming to a complete stop at a traffic intersection when turning right. My client showed no other signs of intoxication but was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Based on my experience and expertise in DUI case, I was able to demonstrate the blood tests were inconclusive as to my client’s level of impairment. The Anaheim City Attorney’s office was forced to dismiss the case on the day of trial.

Insurance Fraud Case
Felony Charges Dismissed

My client was a medical student who had previously been convicted of a first-time DUI. During the DUI investigation his insurance company requested information about the incident. My client informed the insurance company that he was not under the influence because he was unaware of the toxicology results at the time. The DA’s office subsequently charged him with felony insurance fraud claiming he had lied to the insurance company about his intoxication. The Orange County DA’s office agreed to dismiss the charges once they realized that my client was unaware of the toxicology results at the time of speaking with the insurance company.

False Police Report Case
Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed

My client was an elderly man who had befriended a local homeless woman. As their friendship grew, my client felt comfortable enough to lend the woman his vehicle. Shortly after, the woman forged his signature on the title and claimed that my client sold her his BMW for $400. My client reported the woman’s actions to the police but was later charged with making a false police report for the theft of his car. Police believed my client had sold the woman the vehicle and was reneging on the deal. I was able to demonstrate the inconsistencies in the woman’s story and the DA eventually dismissed the case entirely.

Petty Theft Case
Misdemeanor Charges Dismissed

My client was charged with stealing a few items from her local grocery store. She was struggling to make ends meet during the pandemic and resorted to stealing so she could ear. The court agreed to dismiss her case if my client agreed to participate in a 2-hour theft prevention course. My client completed the class and avoided a criminal record that would affect her chances of future employment.

**Disclaimer: The results discussed above are based on the facts of those cases. Case results may differ based on other facts. The results above are not a guarantee, warranty, or prediction of results for your legal matter. To discuss the specific facts of your case with the attorney, please call (949) 991-7057.**

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