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John-Patrick Mullen-Lujan

A Superior Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer

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The Right Lawyer Makes All The Difference

There are countless reasons why someone could be accused of a crime - a mistake, a misunderstanding, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or maybe even police misconduct. For whatever reason, it has now happened to you or someone you love. You need a lawyer who knows that you are more than just another case. You need a lawyer who understands that a criminal record can have life altering consequences, and who will stand by your side at every step of the way. You need Orange County criminal defense lawyer John-Patrick Mullen-Lujan to tip the scales in your favor. 

Martin S.

"After floundering with a less-than-professional law firm, we were fortunate enough to have Patrick defend us in our legal case."

Alexandria G.

“Amazing work. He was very responsive via text and phone. Great to have as a lawyer.”

Yanwen L.

“He is a really good attorney. He helped me win today! Smart, patient, professional.”

Ivan I.

“Attorney Lujan got me the best possible outcome for my case fighting every step of the way to ensure I obtained the best result possible."

Award-Winning Criminal Defense Lawyer


Orange County criminal defense lawyer John-Patrick Mullen-Lujan understands that for many, being arrested, charged, or accused of a crime is one of the scariest experiences a person can face. 


Being unfamiliar with the process and the inner workings of the criminal justice system can lead to heightened anxiety and stress. Attorney Mullen-Lujan understands that the outcome of your criminal case can affect your employment, the lives of your loved ones, or even your immigration status. 

With this in mind, Attorney Mullen-Lujan makes communicating with clients and keeping clients informed his top priority. 

John-Patrick Mullen-Lujan is a trusted Orange County criminal defense lawyer that prides himself on his ability to communicate with clients as he helps them navigate our complex criminal justice system. Attorney Mullen-Lujan was named one of the Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Orange and Newport Beach. Hire an attorney you can trust and who can provide the zealous advocacy you need.


Contact JPLaw, P.C. to schedule your FREE consultation with local Orange County criminal defense lawyer John-Patrick Mullen-Lujan. Together you will review your case and develop a legal defense strategy tailored just for you!




Scales of Justice

Embezzlement Case - Felony Charges Dismissed

My client was a project manager for a small shower and bath construction company. The company had fallen on bad times and decided to accuse my client of using his company credit card to purchase materials for jobs unrelated to the company. A judge heard the potential evidence at the preliminary hearing and dismissed both felony counts.

Practice Areas

Not all criminal defense lawyers are the same. Make sure you hire a criminal defense lawyer who knows what they are doing. Click here to learn some tips and tricks on finding the right lawyer for your case!


Domestic Battery

Disturbing the Peace


Hit & Run

Revenge Porn

Juvenile Crimes

Criminal Threats

Sex Crimes

Petty Theft

Evading Police

Public Intoxication

Don't Plead Guilty Without Considering All Your Options

Not every criminal case requires that you plead guilty. In fact, many misdemeanors can be resolved without the defendant suffering a criminal conviction. As of January 1, 2021, judges are permitted and encouraged to offer diversion to defendants charged with misdemeanor offenses. Judicial diversion allows the defendant to avoid the devastating consequences of a criminal conviction by completing a class, community service, or other similar program.

community service

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